The CAT-a-log

THE CAT-a-log

Welcome to a Gallery of wonderful Cat Beach Cats! With about 250 cats at any given time, we are sure we can match you up with a cat! Adopt a Cat today! And if you can’t take one home right now, just think – you could sponsor a cat virtually online! Some of our Special Needs cats really would appreciate that!

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ANYA (Anna)  

(Click here to email us for more info).  To prepare for adoption, please read about what you need to think about and our Adoption procedures. Download our free booklet, YOUR NEW CAT!

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Meet GRUMPY! A long-time non-adoptable Cat Beach Cat, Grumpy appears every few days to loudly demand a special plate of Junior food. The distinctive ‘red nose’ had us worried that she was ill with ‘sporo’ fungal infection but we had her tested and luckily, she’s ok. Unlike most of the cats at Cat Beach, she is not an adoptable cat — too grumpy — but she is a real character that delights and amuses Cat Beach visitors. Grumpy needs Cat Beach – there’s just nowhere else for her to go. Just watch out for her claws – and never try to take her food away!

AUBRAEN Mid last yr, Aubraen was found barely breathing by the roadside by a nice lady & her son. She took Aubraen to vet – severe URI and then brought her to CB. Aubraen first started off as a little feral but is now a huge cuddlebug and loves giving hugs. She also has a slight heart murmur but that hasn’t stopped her from playing for hours. Aubraen is a very vocal cat when she wants something. In March 2018, she was caged for a severe infection that caused abcesses under the skin and wounds – not likely a fungus as she’s responding well to antibacterial treatment.Fave things are napping in the parking lot pagoda, gorging herself on tuna, going for walks while cuddled in someone’s arms and yelling at people for head scratchies.

Ginger & whiteTata, our clown!

P4200740v2Tab Hunter

Cat1Young Sugar



IMAG2556BonBon Bonnie

DSCN0954Princess Putri and her beautiful babes


2015 CatBeachphone 264Little Bear – a short-tailed Siamese..

20141103_133824 (0)Beautiful Amber


P4200742v2Sleeping Gimly

IMAG2521I dare you to tickle me!

SpiceGirlSpice Girl




DSCN0973I’m sittin’ in yer basket…