About Us

Love cats? Please help support the care of rescued cats at Cat Beach Sanctuary! Under the umbrella of the nonprofit Cat Lovers International Society, our mission is to improve the welfare of cats in Penang and reaching out to communities across the globe. We believe deeply in’ think globally, act locally.’

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Visit Cat Beach Sanctuary in the fishing village of Teluk Bahang on the island of Penang, Malaysia where cats rescued from desperate situations find loving care.

Future projects planned include publications and educational programs, internships for veterinary students and trainings for those who wish to learn more about cat care, and arts projects celebrating ‘all things cat.’ Also in the works are a “Cat Cafe” and charity store projects to help support the Cat Beach cats.

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And yes, we’re a little bit different from other cat caring orgs — we also want to create a worldwide network of support for the PEOPLE who love cats.

Many ‘hometown heroes’ are out there feeding colonies of ferals, many volunteers give long hours to shelters, clinics, and cat caring organizations. Cat owners  find strays and take them home to foster; some even parent 20 or more cats — and find they are running a cat sanctuary!

And that’s what’s happened in Penang, Malaysia where we are hoping you will help us support our first major project: the Cat Beach Sanctuary.  

When Barbara Janssen, founder of the Penang Animal Welfare Society and 4PAWS dog shelter introduced her American cat-loving friend, Teviot Fairservis, to Mr Nana Bin Wanchik, a fisherman who has been feeding cats for a decade, a new idea was born — Cat Beach.

Cats rescued from desperate situations need some place to go — so together they began to transform an old wooden house on the beach into a sanctuary for cats in need. With the help of many volunteers since July 2014, Cat Beach has become a truly special place for both cats and people. IMG-20150805-WA0004