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This agreement signifies that the Owner or the Rescuer – temporary Owner – or a Representative for the person  listed above and hereinafter referred to as the “Former Owner,” hereby surrenders ownership of the Cat (or Cats) described here to Cat Beach Sanctuary and its umbrella organization,  the not-for-profit Cat Lovers International Society Penang, hereinafter referred to as the Sanctuary.

  • As a ‘last resort’ sanctuary for cats rescued from desperate situations, the Sanctuary Team agrees to do the best they can to provide basic levels for shelter, food and water, and care for cats surrendered and entrusted until such time as the Cat is adopted or for as long as the cat remains within the Sanctuary property.
  • The Former Owner understands that the Cat may be adopted or fostered out. If a suitable adopter is found, the Owner agrees that he/she will make no demands of the Sanctuary or of the new Owner for the cat’s return.
  • If the former Owner should wish to reclaim the cat or finds a potential adopter, he/he agrees that Cat Beach Team should be the final decision maker for adoption and that the new Owner must go through the regular Adoption and vetting process.
  • Due to the open situation and the variety of conditions of the cats coming into the Sanctuary, the Former Owner understands that the cat (cats) surrendered may not be present should they wish to visit or find out more about the cat. Cats run away, become sick or injured or may be subject to other unforeseen circumstances.
  • The Sanctuary cannot make any promises or guarantees for the cat (cats) continued health, survival or presence in the future.
  • The Former Owner hereby fully surrenders ownership and agrees not to make demands for information about the cat or its condition.
  • Further, the Former Owner agrees to hold the Sanctuary harmless and will never take legal or any other action against the Sanctuary or its staff, board, or other persons affiliated with it.

As the Former Owner or authorized Representative, I hereby certify that I am the legal Owner and hereby renounce ownership. I understand the conditions above and fully agree to surrender the cat (s) described here to the Cat Beach Sanctuary for its lifetime.  

Cat’s Former Owner / Rescuer:                                               



Acknowledged by Representative for Cat Beach Sanctuary:



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