Community Cats need your help

In almost every neighborhood, you will find cats roaming free. These cats belong to us all — they are our COMMUNITY CATS. Cat Beach gets many calls from individuals and managements about cats that need to be rehomed or they may be in danger of being “thrown away.” There are many possible solutions and we will do what we can to help. But studies all over the world show and we believe cats benefit humans by staying in their home colonies. Please watch our slideshow, “CATS OR RATS.” 

It is important to note that “throwing away” cats is a punishable offense under the Animal Welfare Act of 2015. Don’t do it. Don’t let your neighbors do it. Or if you witness such reprehensible cruelty, please document it and report it to the police.

Many cats that have been around humans since babyhood can be rehomed and live happily as human pet companions. However, many cats were born outdoors and feel most comfortable in their home territory. They may never adjust to being pets or living indoors. But they benefit humans in so many ways. So before allowing cats to be “thrown away” or torn from their homes, please consider – “Cats or Rats? Which do you want in your community?”