Cat Beach Operating Budget

2022 BUDGET 

Keeping costs down, constantly seeking new resources and increasing support have been goals from Day One. Since 2020, with the advent of restrictions due to the global pandemic, Cat Beach has had to rethink a lot. Most crucially, instead of relying on the help of tourists who have come for years to help out, it became important to invest in helpers who live locally. With many good people having difficulty finding work in this challenging time, we have been privileged to have some great new people join the Cat Beach Team. But like the cats, the people who care for them need and deserve our support.

With additional staff, increased costs of necessities like cat food and cleaning supplies, and ongoing maintenance needs, as of December 2021, Cat Beach Sanctuary currently operates at about RM 5000 per week (USD $1,200), RM 20,000 per month (USD $5,000), totaling about RM 240,000 per year (USD $60,000). This is modest for an animal sanctuary but expensive for any NGO or nonprofit anywhere in these challenging times.

To give good care to any cat, you need to consider that it will need daily food, parasite treatments, vaccination, sterilization and emergency medical care. On average, this works out to be about RM 1000 (USD $250) per cat per year or only about RM 83 to RM 100 (USD $20 to $25) per month. Less than a dollar a day. But multiply that by 300 cats and you can see the challenge Cat Beach faces.

If you decide to donate to this or any organization, you should be fully informed as to where your money goes. You can designate it for a particular program or project, e.g. Operating Expenses, Veterinary Care, Education, Buildings & Grounds Repairs and/or Renovations, Rescue, Trap/Neuter/Return, OPERATION SNIPSNIP spay/neuter, etc. If you should have any questions, please feel free to be in touch at any time.

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Annual expenses are listed below for past years. Please know that every penny has been documented, carefully considered and justified.


CAT BEACH SANCTUARY – 2015 to 2018 – Basis for 2019, 2020

2018 Expenses – January to June
2017 Expenses


* Please note:  Charts and Calculations shown on this page are not yet confirmed by professional accountants or auditors and therefore subject to correction or change.

With a basis from our 2017 and 2018 Expenses for Cat Beach Sanctuary (chart above), the current Operating Budget necessarily reflects the greater number of cats and kittens under care. Cat Beach reached a capacity of care of approximately 300 cats and kittens in July 2018 and has maintained that approximate count through 2019 and 2020,  Hardly a day goes by without another request for Cat Beach to take in a cat in need of rescue from a dangerous or emergency situation.

To meet the ever increasing demand, Cat Beach has had to invest in people to be the caregivers for the cats — renting accommodations where cat lover volunteers can stay and increasing stipends for meals and other incidentals. Significantly, the amount of cat food consumed daily has increased steadily as have the electric, water and other utilities costs. Weather, insects, and wear-and-tear continually deteriorate the property so repairs and renovations are crucial. Meantime, veterinary expenses and medications continue to be major costs with added expenses for transport to and from the veterinary clinics.

The future for Cat Beach and the rescued Cats depends on increasing income from all sources, especially donations but also other income streams. Current efforts are focused on engaging with cat lovers who can donate monthly funds or food in support. Tourism and educational programs can provide new income. Sales of items and services also offer additional income. Social enterprises and partnerships with companies like Gold-D / AHA and Miya Co House of All Things Cat can bring in new resources for long-term sustainability.


GOAL: RM 30,000 per month ($7,250 USD. 6,230 Euro)

including Veterinary Bills (budgeted for 2021 at RM 5000 per month),

Renovations and upgrades (RM 5000 per month after operating expenses paid),

and Basic Operating Expenses at about RM 20,000 per month.

Of that, major donors cover about half.

Currently, the budget calls for raising about RM 5000 per week or about RM 700 per day. Costs include the basics of rent, utilities, labor, and the essentials of food and cleaning supplies. After basics are met, then any additional funds may go towards renovations of the property and/or programs or projects to improve cats’ welfare.

Please donate generously to help Cat Beach help rescued cats.