Why do we need Cat Beach? Why a No Kill Sanctuary for cats and kittens rescued from desperate situations – the cats “last resort?” Because these little guys deserve a chance to live.


Your generous gifts of funds, cat food, and other items give rescued cats a second chance.  With your help, we can sustain and continually improve this ‘no kill,’ all-volunteer sanctuary, now caring for some 300+/- cats and kittens. To see the Cat Beach Sanctuary operating budget, please click here: Cat Beach Operating Budget.

To donate funds:

All income received from donations and sales goes to support the care of the Cat Beach Cats.

Please let us know of your gift to the cats by sending by whatsapp to Cat Beach +6 0175753419 or email

ONLINE by credit or debit or paypal  at


BY MALAYSIA BANK TRANSFER: CIMB Bank # 7063481337 Mohd Iqbal bin Zainal (Cat Beach Operating Funds Account)

SUPPORT VETERINARY CARE FOR CATS, CIMB Bank # 8602261275 Windsor Pet Solutions Sdn Bhd.

Veterinary care includes both emergencies and regular costs for vaccinations, OPERATION SNIPSNIP sterilizations (spay/neuter), health checks, etc. Please donate directly to our official veterinary partners at Windsor Animal Hospital. Be sure to mark for the Cat Beach Account. 

Online Donations

PayPal Me – TeviotCatBeachPenang  You do not need to join Paypal to send funds from debit or credit card through the PAYPAL ME program. 100% of donations to Cat Beach Penang sent via PayPal are passed through founder Teviot’s savings account in the USA, then accessed via ATM.

GoFundMe Cat Lovers  — GoFundMe is the largest US based international crowdfunding site.

Patreon PAW-RENTS Sponsorships – Our newest project so every Cat Beach Cat gets a “PAW-rent.” Patreon offers automatic scheduled monthly donations. For RM100 (USD $25), you can even sponsor your own “Virtual Cat” – you describe your “Dream Cat.” With about 300 cats and kittens at Cat Beach, we are sure to have a purr-fect match. With your support, a Cat Beach Cat that will benefit by receiving full care including parasite treatments, vaccinations, age appropriate spay/neuter sterilizations and more.

Direct Bank Deposits can also be made in Malaysia to:

CIMB Bank Malaysia Savings Account # 7063481337 in the name of Mohd Iqbal bin Zainal (*As the ex-president of the Cat Lovers International Society, Penang, he kindly opened this account to allow support of the cats while formal applications with government and banks are completed.)

Please contact Teviot at if you wish to transfer to a USA Bank Account.

Please notify us by whatsapp, email, or SMS messaging of your donation so we can properly record it and thank you!

WhatsApp/SMS: + 6 017 575 3419    Email:  

To donate In-Kind Items (like cat food, cleaning supplies, and more):

Order online or at the store from Tesco Penang

or, or other delivery services — have them deliver your gift to the Cat Beach Cats!

Address:  Cat Beach Sanctuary, 778 Jalan Teluk Awak, MK 2, Teluk Bahang, 11050, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia


Cat Food

Whiskas Junior (or ProDiet) pouches [24 in a box – we use at least 2 boxes per day]

Adult Cat Food Cans (any brand)      [cats eat 8 to 12 cans per day, mixed with rice and kibble]

Kitten Kibble dry food (any brand)     [3 to 5 kg per day]

Adult Kibble dry food  (Tesco brand is ok!)   [10 kg per day]

Rice [3 to 5 kg per day]

Fresh fish or chicken (to be boiled)

Cleaning Supplies


Clorox Cleanup


Toilet paper / kitchen roll

Garbage bags  (medium sized, heavy duty)

Sponges, mops, buckets, brooms, etc.

Grooming Supplies

Baby wipes (antibacterial and regular)

Facial cotton pads

Saline Solution

Flea Treatments

Also see our dream WISH LIST