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30 May 2020  – WHAT’S UP AT CAT BEACH CHAT GROUP  It’s only 8 am and already several topics / problems to solve / issues have come up on the Whats Up at Cat Beach WhatsApp chat (let us know if you would like to join to help rescue Penang’s cats in trouble.) Always so much to think about — to research and consider about cats!

INTRODUCING A NEW CAT   A black kitten found in the trash was rescued last night. Today there is a possible adopter / foster carer but she is concerned about whether the kitten will get along with her three other cats. Here’s what I think:

[8:29 am, 30/05/2020] Teviot: I would guess in 90% of cases, cats will get along — especially the neutered males as usually the fight hormones go away with neutering. The key is giving the cats time to get used to each other. For the new kitten or cat, they need to get used to the smells, sights, sounds of the new place and may be very frightened, For the resident cats, getting along may depend on whether they feel they lose some of the Human’s attention. So rewarding them with cuddles and treats for good behavior towards the newbie is recommended. A slow intro is best – keep the kitten in a bathroom or covered cage so the cats all begin to smell each other. Lots of good advice on the ‘net —

[8:31 am, 30/05/2020] Teviot: There’s always the 10% chance that they may not like each other. As long as they do not hurt each other, should be okay. There is also Feliway spray which calms cat anxiety. Rivalry (jealousy) for shared beds, “purr-sonal areas,” food, and human attention can be a cause of disharmony. As long as each cat gets its own ‘territory’ (favorite place to hang out), then normally everyone gets along pretty well. 

Another good resource:


27 May 2020:

CURRENT PROJECTS So many things we can do to help cats! Trying to make a good list of priority projects and then work out how to execute. Clearly, CB could use more human hands to help! So getting volunteers involved is high priority! Making “pushes” (campaigns) for adoptions, foster care, volunteers, donations, trainings, outreach, sales, education programs, and so much more can help make long-term improvements to the sanctuary and to cats’ welfare in general.


Board Committee Volunteers — assemble 2020-21 board members, hold meetings, complete internal and government reports, make plans

Annual Vaccinations – end of May / beginning June — need to get as many done as possible. Fundraising, schedule vet, transport, etc.

CAT-alog — identifying cats with full info. Posting to new HOSPITIUM animal shelter site.

PAW-rents — matching cats from CAT-alog to Sponsors and ensuring sponsored cats get veterinary visits for vax, sterilization, etc.

B&G (Buildings & Groounds) – complete the new Kitten Playhouse, repair broken cement on walkways

– 10 May 2020: LOCKDOWN! Today it was announced that the lockdown in Malaysia will be extended to June 9th – and possibly beyond. For all the inconveniences and suffering of so many, we have to believe that this global crisis will have some benefits — perhaps a Wakeup Call that puts an end to the slaughter of wildlife and the horrible dog and cat meat trades and builds greater respect for Nature. The sea is bluer and cleaner, less trash on the beach these days. Let’s hope too for greater help to the ‘strays’ that struggle in almost every neighborhood. ]

So proud and grateful to the brave feeders who go out every day to be sure the Community Cats & Dogs have food.  In future, Cat Beach hopes to give greater help to the many cat colonies and their carers with education, rescues, vaccinations, sterilizations and emergency aid. Community Cats need help!

– Cats or Rats – which would you rather have in your community?

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