FUN-draising for Cats


Miracles happen when people come together to help in a good cause. To help Cat Beach help cats, you can make a huge difference if you join us in fundraising. It can be FUN!

FUN-draising means reaching out to as many people as possible to engage them in caring about the cats’ future. Reaching a large group of supporters is the answer to long-term sustainability and proper care for the Cat Beach Cats. 

In our Techno Age and with the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and other potential threats, we have come to rely on the Internet. You can help fundraise with your computer or mobile phone — without leaving home! 

Why fundraise?           
Because every cat deserves good and proper care…

Cat Beach strives:     — To give rescued cats the very best possible Loving Care 

— To serve the community as an Educational Centre

— To be a unique Tourist Attraction

offering a special experience of the Joys of Cats

How can I get involved in FUNdraising?

Our Admin Team led by co-Founder Teviot will be happy to support you in your fundraising efforts every step of the way. Please just whatsapp to +60175753419 with any and all questions, suggestions, comments, etc.

Feel free to create your own FUNdraiser event or activity. Just please let us know so the Cat Beach Team can help promote it!


Social media is our most powerful tool these days for encouraging donations. By sharing posts with your circle of family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, you can help expand the following for Cat Beach Cats — and reach cat lovers around the world who will care and support.

Instagram @CatBeachSanctuary

Facebook @CatBeachPenang. Also @Catbeach, @AdoptaCatPenang

START CROWDFUNDING — Join as a Fundraiser or Donor — it is pretty easy to do. Fundraisers can create their own page. Select Cat Beach as beneficiary. Funds in RM will be processed to a Cat Beach CIMB Bank account or PayPal. – Donate by any online method, debit card, credit card, or PayPal. Funds go out from GoFundMe to WePay, then are transferred to a US Bank, then accessed by ATM card in RM. 

Many other possible Crowdfunding sites – some country-specific, others global.

We do have access to bank accounts in the USA and Malaysia for bank transfers as well as PayPal —