Come ‘backstage’ at Cat Beach for a look at the many ways the Cat Beach Team works daily to give cats comfort, cleanliness, and Loving Care. Tour the property, clean a cat or a cage, create toys and have a playtime with cats! Ask all the cat care and cats’ welfare questions you have. And get all the kitty cuddles you could ever imagine! tf you wish to volunteer on the day of your visit, please let us know and we will put you right to work. Groups are very welcome and discounts available. Please book a reservation ahead so we can schedule a Tour Guide to meet you. 


Love cats? Want to give them the very best care? Have you ever wanted to open  your home as a multi-cat household or boarding facility, run your own shelter to help save cats, feed, trap and save street animals, work for animal welfare or even thought about becoming a veterinarian or cat nurse? For an in-depth course in cat care  and the issues of cats’ welfare for cat owners, potential cat adopters, multi-cat homes and small shelters, feeders, rescuers and  for anyone wishing to learn more about how to help cats, please join this course.  Combining “hands on” experiences helping cats at Cat Beach, the course also includes slideshows, videos, and documents for online learning. Course can be personalized to cover the issues and materials of most interest to you.


People, Money, Cats and Promotion. Raising the funds, managing the expenses, doing the outreach and cultivation to reach the people who make an organization sustainable — there is a lot to learn about working for a good cause. If you are willing to “pitch in” to help Cat Beach with administration, records keeping, sales and other office,  board committee and staff and volunteers communications, outreach tasks to the public and so much more, you can develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed to help the causes dear to your heart. An internship or externship with Cat Beach could prepare you for career work in the nonprofit sector, animal shelter management, and may apply as well to running your own small business. Learn fundraising, cultivation, organization, events management and the fundamentals of a strong mission for a good cause.


Cat Beach wants everyone to know more about cats and their care and the issues that cause so many cats and kittens to be abandoned and abused.  There is nothing quite as valuable as actual “hands on” experiences for learning. For those able to visit Cat Beach, we hope that you will want to volunteer and participate in the many tasks to give the rescued cats the best care possible. It is also possible to enroll online from anywhere in the world as each course also includes a curriculum of slideshows, videos, quizzes, documents, links,  as well as communications and conferencing with the teachers (and cats).

“Distance Learning” – Online Only Component Courses:  RM 50 per class (USD $15 +/-) / RM 50 per class for course series (length of course may vary)

Cat Beach Experience  – RM 100 

Online plus Hands On Training – RM 50 per day (3 to 5 hours at Cat Beach plus Online Materials)

Work Exchange:  (FREE)  If you can “pitch in” as a volunteer or intern at Cat Beach, then the course materials will be free in order to give you the training essential to the work. Volunteers who stay locally may be eligible for funding support of their transport costs to/from Cat Beach and other possible benefits. Volunteers who travel and wish to stay to help the cats are eligible to apply for free accommodations, meals, transport costs (local bus or car to/from Cat Beach), and other possible subsidies.  Paid contract work at Cat Beach may be available to those with skills in Cat Medicine (veterinary), Construction, Housekeeping and other services by arrangement.

The Work Exchange commitment is 5 hours per day (1 shift) for 1 to 6 days per week. Some volunteers come regularly once or more a week; others do an intensive 6 days a week for a week, a month or even for years! Cat Beach is flexible about hours and commitment as long as you keep in touch about plans and interests.

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