Volunteer Cat Care Positions Available

Current Vacancies:

Shelter Supervisor  

Vet Nurse / Vet Tech 

Secretary / Administrator

Social Media Outreach Coordinator

If you are interested in working to help cats, please send an email indicating your background and availability to catlovers.my@gmail.com. All work at Cat Beach is volunteer with some allowances paid for a long-term commitment. Housing and other benefits may be available.

Hours are flexible and negotiable for part and full-time work. Start immediately, part or full-time.

Shelter Supervisor Position Description: (volunteer or paid allowance)

Seeking  responsible and reliable person(s) to serve as Shelter Supervisor – mainly to ensure that the daily work of the shelter is carried out. Qualifications: good common sense, reliable, speak English and Malay, can do updates via internet, reasonably diplomatic for team work. Your work would be mainly supervisory – to doublecheck the conditions, supplies and medications and do whatever necessary to ensure the cats are well-cared for.

This includes extensive cleaning and cat care by volunteer staff, medications and extra care for sick or injured cats and extra care for kittens. You would be the ‘go to’ person to make sure there are sufficient supplies in place. The supervisor deals with new cat arrivals, greets visitors, and issues, problems, emergencies. An important task is to update and request info from Director via internet.

Depending on your experience and skills, the tasks here can be adjusted. Your main task is to see that the cats are ok — there is a team that will do most of the cleaning and other volunteers put to work on grooming kittens and cats, etc. We would prefer that the Supervisor stay overnight on the property or make sure someone is there to deal with night-time emergencies. The volunteers now can stay in an upstairs bedroom with huge picture windows overlooking the sea — with kitty companions, of course.

You would doublecheck every few hours throughout the day and night that all cages and feeding stations are cleaned and sterilized daily, check on Water-Food-Poop Trays-Bedding, and that there are cleaning and food supplies in place. You may need to go out or order more.In case of emergency, you may also need to coordinate getting cats to the vet. You would either do the medicating tasks yourself or ensure that the vet’s instructions are carried out for the sick and injured.

You may have to break up some cat fights in the middle of the night (we have gentle routines for this),  meet and greet cat rescuers bringing more cats, and help as you can to keep the place, the cats and the people as clean and calm as possible.

You may also have to deal with ‘3rd World’ situations like utilities going off, sea storms with high winds, lost or sick cats, etc. So your main qualifications would be good common sense in decision-making — and the ability to communicate via the internet or phones.

More tasks if able and willing. Could lead to long-term work if desired.

Veterinary Nurse / Vet Tech Job Description

The Veterinary Nurse or Technician helps assess the need for veterinary care and carries out the supervising veterinarian’s instructions for medications and care of sick or injured cats. Other important aspects of the job include detailed records-keeping, health assessments, scheduling of vaccinations, sterilization, and medical treatments, and intake documentation and care of new cats and kittens. Research, making recommendations and assisting to improve sanitation, supplies, special care procedures, etc., and reporting to the Director and board will also be very helpful as the Sanctuary continues quality improvement.

Administrator / Secretary / Receptionist Job Description

A variety of administrative tasks need to be done to help Cat Beach reach professional levels of service to the cats and the public. Responsibilities include arranging rescued cats delivery and giving directions and information to visitors by phone and email. The administrator will have a variety of tasks to handle: data entry of contacts and cats’ records, record the intake of new cats, meet-and-greet and log visitors, accept and receipt donations and expenses, do bookkeeping and invoicing, and assist with other admin tasks including publicity and promotions. With the aid of “virtual volunteers,” updating and maintaining several databases will be important including the Cat-a-log of the Cat Beach cats, Members, Donors, Media and Other Contacts, Suppliers, etc.

Social Media Outreach Coordinator

Creating and carrying out social media campaigns as well as regular and effective communications with a growing list of supporters are crucial to the sustainability of the Sanctuary. Campaigns are in planning stages for Adoption, Fostering, Donations – In-Kind, Donations – Financial, and Volunteering. Promotion of other programs (Cat Cafe, 2nd Chances Charity Store, Seacats Art Gallery, Educational Projects, etc.).

Working closely with the director and advisors, the Social Media person will develop campaigns, create posts, and work to increase support for the Sanctuary and its cats. Good writing, editing and computer skills, English language ability (and possibly other languages), and reliability are the primary requirements. Ability with photography and/or videography can be very helpful. Some or most of the tasks can be done on home computers but regular visits and communications with the Sanctuary in Tk Bahang or the Office in Batu Ferringhi will be needed to be most effective.


For further information, please schedule a visit to Cat Beach Sanctuary. Contact us at catlovers.my@gmail.com to arrange an interview and trial.