Cat Lovers Int’l Society

CAT LOVERS INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY/ Persatuan Pencinta Kucing Antarabangsa

Are you a Cat Lover? Would you like to be one?

Then join the Cat Lovers International Society to celebrate cats! Thanks for helping cats!

The Society is all about celebrating the joys of cats and improving the welfare of cats, by connecting with other cat lovers and cats — locally and globally. 

Dues are just RM50 (USD $12.25)  as Lifetime Joining Fee, RM50 Annual Fee = Donation of RM 100 qualifies you as a Voting Member of the Society.*

* If you have previously donated at least RM50, then you are automatically eligible for membership as a CAT LOVER!

Donation information here:

See our FB page @ where we post things from all over the internet about our feline friends – lots are funny, many informative. It’s the Cats’ Meow!


Our current major project is serving as the “Umbrella” for the CAT BEACH SANCTUARY in the fishing village of Teluk Bahang on the island of Penang, Malaysia. To follow what’s happening at Cat Beach, see our sister FB page @CatBeachPenang, explore the website –  And click here: Whatsapp What’s Up at Cat Beach or request an invitation to join our Whatsapp Chat – What’s Up at Cat Beach.

Other projects include Educational Programs, Animal Experts Lecture Series, Webinars, Videos and Publications. We also hope to help facilitate Mass Sterilizations and Vaccinations of Community Cats.

JOIN THE BOARD & ADVISORY COMMITTEES  Please consider if you would be willing to meet online (or occasionally face-to-face) at least once a month to discuss and fulfill the requirements of the Malaysia Registry of Societies and to talk about what we all can do to help cats?

A Bit of History

As of January 21, 2015, the Registry of Societies approved the registration of the Cat Lovers International Society, Penang. The Mission and Objectives of the Society are as follows from the Constitution approved by the ROS:

(1) To attract public attention to the proper care, needs and welfare of cats in Penang state.
(2) To provide ‘no kill’ sanctuary(s) and proper care for stray and homeless cats rescued in Penang.
(3) To raise awareness in the public about adoption, rehoming, fostering, proper homecare and nutrition, veterinary care, vaccination, spay/neuter and the many other ways they can help improve the lives of cats and the community.
(4) To share knowledge and experience among members of the Society, and to foster a spirit of cooperation among members.
(5) To provide support for the cause of cat welfare and meet the Society’s goals through various not-for-profit activities such as events, educational programs, promotions and outreach activities, and the like.

Would you be interested in participating as a member of the Board Committee or Advisor?

The Board Committee needs a minimum of 7 and maximum of 15 people committed to helping cats – with an unlimited number of Advisors – in order to meet the regulations of the Malaysia ROS. The Committee will meet online monthly – on or about the 1st of each month regularly and formally and informally thru Whatsapp chat, Facebook Messenger, and other technologies (Google Hangouts, Skype, gotomeeting webinars, etc!). If you join the Whatsapp chat for the Society, you can read and respond to the meetings at your convenience.

For more information, write to or whatsapp to +6 017 575 3419.