Help the Cats!

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How can I help?

There are so many ways!





ADOPT  “A house is not a home without a cat!”  Help a cat and help yourself! Bring a cat (or 2 or more!) into your life for hours of fun! Cats are the cleanest and probably the easiest pets to have in your home! Cat Beach staff have lots of information to share about caring for cats and kittens.


Thinking about getting a cat? Please read our preparation checklist, a free downloadable e-booklet on our Adoption page – YOUR NEW CAT. Remember, please – adoption is a serious commitment with many cats living 10 years or more. Please plan how you will be able to care for the cat every day.

FOSTER  Can’t keep a cat permanently? Our foster parents provide a valuable service by caring for cats until a forever home can be found. Some even take on the sick or injured cat or kitten that needs special care.

DONATE   Your gifts of funds or items help so much to give these cats the care they need!

Food is the most expensive and important cost — and in-kind gifts of cat food are very welcome. You can even order cat and kitten food to be delivered to the Sanctuary through Tesco at

or and other online stores.

Cleaning supplies like bleach and toilet roll, cat medications and grooming tools, toys, and cat-themed items, as well as food and items for the long-stay volunteers all very much appreciated.

You can also designate your funds to be used specifically for vaccination, sterilization, veterinary care, renovations to the property, or any special project.

VOLUNTEER   As an ‘all-volunteer’ Sanctuary, we depend on volunteers to keep the place running smoothly. With lots of daily housekeeping and cat care to do, if you can clean or help medicate cats, you can come help almost any time — day or night. You can even come stay at the beach and live with the cats! Volunteers also take leadership or assist on producing events, outreach programs, renovations and other projects to upgrade and improve the lives of the Cat Beach Cats. Read more about volunteering here…/volunteer/