Fostering Saves Lives! 

Why foster? Fostering is  fun and temporary — just until an adopter or other option can be found.  Foster care gives rescued cats and kittens the extra comfort and attention so needed.  Could you give some extra care short-term to cats or kittens?

Almost every day, Cat Beach Sanctuary receives requests to accept sick or injured cats, pregnant females and orphan kittens in need of rescue. But coming to a shelter with 300+/- cats is not always the best solution — it would be so much better for cats to go to a loving home where they can be quarantined and build up their strength.

Want to learn more  about fostering? Cat Beach will do our best to give you support, supplies and training. There is also a lot of great advice on the internet. See these links: Kitten Lady on Fostering Orphan Kittens  Pet Finder Fostering

You can also request a Training in Cat Care with Cat Beach — free if you can foster! See our page: TRAININGS / INTERNSHIPS

What Does It Mean to Foster a Cat? | Petfinder…/what-is-catfostering

cat is recovering from surgery, illness or injury and needs a safe place to recuperate. A cat is showing signs of stress such as pacing or hiding in the shelter. A cat has not lived in a home before or has not had much contact with people and needs to be socialized.

To enroll as a Foster Paw-rent, please send by WhatsApp to +60175753419 or Email to

Your Name, Phone, Email, Your Location, Availability (dates, times)

Please also describe what you may be able to do for cats in need and what kind of care you are able to give.  


1) Orphan Kittens?   
2) Pregnant / Nursing Momcat with Kittens? 
3) Sick Cat needing quarantine & medications?   
4) An Injured Cat in need of rehabilitation?
5) A Healthy Cat in need of temporary shelter?