Art at Cat Beach!


In the spirit of the amazing annual George Town Festival  (thanks to all at GTF for including us in their promotion), Cat Beach invites artists and creatives of all ages to create ART FOR CATS’S SAKE!  Your creative project can help benefit cats!

ART FOR CATS SAKE To register and for more info, email

Painting – Sculpture – Sand Art – Mosaics – Murals – Photos  – Multimedia – Music

…Any kind of Art You Care to Create!


The ART FOR CATS’ SAKE PROJECT runs throughout the year with contests and prizes! (and continue as part of the new SEACATS ART GALLERY).

Artists are invited to create artworks inspired by Cat Beach – anything / any media. The Number One Rule of the Game is that somewhere in the art, there has to be a cat to qualify! Even a tiny one…

Get Inspired!

Many ideas for artworks are inspired by a visit to Cat Beach — we hope you will come visit but that is not required if you want to work at home or elsewhere. We love artists and welcome anyone who wants to come work at the beach…

Possible Themes!

The sea and its creatures, the beach and its tropical scene, the need to care for the environment, the welfare of animals, and of course, the playfulness of cats — these and many more concepts may be expressed in your art. We hope you will choose to make light-hearted and fun designs!


Multiple prizes to be awarded depending on entries. Vote for your favorite! Photos will be posted here and you will be able to vote whenever you visit Cat Beach. Among the prizes already lined up include — 1) A catered picnic and cruise to Monkey Beach  2) Your choice of art donated by artists  3) Your choice of 1 to 5 books from the Travelers’ Bookshop at 2nd Chances Charity Store 4) Your choice of 1 to 3 items from 2nd Chances.

The Rules of the Game

Artists who enter need to understand and agree to the Rules of the Game. As an Artist, I understand and agree that..

  • The artwork may take almost any shape or form but must include a cat in the design.
  • No nude, pornographic or offensive visuals, words. or other will be utilized in the artwork.
  • The creation of artworks by the Artist is the Artist’s responsibility and in no way obligates the Cat Beach Sanctuary or Cat Lovers International Society for financial or other support.
  • Given the proximity to the sea and the beach, the open air setting, as well as the unpredictability of cats and other creatures, artworks may not survive these and other factors. Artists understand that their artwork may be affected or even destroyed.
  • Artists may choose from many possible sites to create and display their works including ceilings, walls, floors, cement walks and platforms. Artists agree to consult with and follow the guidance of Cat Beach representatives as to where their work will be created and/or shown. Cat Beach reps may also adjust the location of the art if the need arises.
  • Artists and other visitors to the property understand and agree that it is at their own risk and that Cat Beach Sanctuary and Cat Lovers International Society will not be held responsible in cases of accident, injury, theft, or any other event or circumstances.

Register to create Art at Cat Beach by clicking below: 

ART FOR CATS SAKE Artist Registration Form

We hope artists will help beautify the Sanctuary with art that people will want to come see — and then maybe they will fall in love with a cat and adopt, foster, donate or volunteer!

Got questions? Just write us at or drop by to register!

Please help by spreading the word — invite cat-loving creatives of all ages to come make Art at the Beach!


If you would like to sell your artworks or handicrafts on commission or want to help the cats by donating artworks, please join us in starting up the CAT BEACH “SEACATS ART GALLERY!”