JUNE 2018 – Operation Snip-Snip!


Thanks to gifts from caring Penang cat lovers, our ongoing Sterilization Project just had a big boost! We aim at sterilizing 5 cats per month but don’t always hit that target with so many other costs to cover – now at least 20 and maybe more will be operated on in the coming month!

The Operation Snip-Snip Sterilization Project is vital to the health of cats and the control of our Cat Beach colony population.

When males are ‘done,’ aggressive and territorial behaviors fade away — an end to fighting, yowling and marking. Females are often exhausted by pregnancy and mothering kittens. Sterilizing cats extends their life expectancy and prevents a variety of reproductive illnesses.

Cat Beach is firmly committed to the principles of TNVR – Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return or Rehome. We do not want to add to the large cat population on this island so ideally all Cat Beach Cats (excepting kittens and nursing moms) will be sterilized. Adopters are required to vaccinate and sterilize as a condition for adoption.

With this new initiative, Operation Snip-Snip, Cat Beach cats will be better prepared for adoption! If you would like to contribute, please note on your donation that it is for “Op Snip-Snip!” Please go to our donation page for full details if you would like to help with sterilization of Cat Beach cats: