JAN 2018 NEWS Oh my! It’s Kitten Season at Cat Beach!


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What’s Up at Cat Beach?
Oh my! Kitten Season Starts Now!

To Cat Lovin’ Friends –
Please Help Cat Beach Save Cats!


Send a Whatsapp request to +6 017 575 3419 for an invite to join.

PLEASE FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK PAGE! www.facebook.com/CatBeachPenang

The Year of the Dog is coming but please remember the Cats!

We are now listed on PayPal’s new POOLS program – please contribute to the pool to support Cat Beach by going to the Pool:
https://paypal.me/pools/c/814ikkqPv1 or

If you found a lost kitten, would you save it? Kitten Season is now in progress – several times each year, there’s an explosion of kitten births. If they are lucky, mom is able to raise them in a safe environment. If not, it is up to kind humans to rescue them and give them care. Could you please help Cat Beach to give rescued kittens the care and love they need with your generous gift of food, funds, or your volunteer time? Could you even become a Kitty Mama or Cat Dad as a foster parent or adopter?

Too often, moms and kittens get separated – kittens are abandoned on the side of the road, in boxes at the market and garbage dumps, even on rooftops and in cars, with no mom in sight. Please if you do find a kitten, wait awhile and search for the mom! Please do try to care for the kitten in your home –  a bathroom is a perfect space – kittens do not need much room. You can find all you need to know on the internet and you can contact Cat Beach for more information on kitten care.

Please help us help these innocent babies. Currently, Cat Beach is sheltering about 250 cats including some 45 kittens and moms. In the past week, 8 new kittens have come to Cat Beach needing bottlefeeding and special care every 2 hours or so, day and night. Our volunteers are working hard to help but get very tired! And our funds are quickly exhausted.

With the help of nursing momcats who welcome the newbies, Cat Beach is giving the kittens a second chance at life. We strongly support sterilization of male and female cats to reduce population but it is expensive – males RM 120 to 150, females RM 200 to 300. The first year of a cats’ life, they will need vaccination and sterilization. We estimate it costs over RM 1200 per cat in the first year.

Cat Beach urgently needs your help. Come volunteer – it’s really an amazing experience to spend time with the cats and kittens.

Please send food for the kitties if you can – Tesco and Lazada willl deliver!

Please consider making as generous a donation as you can afford. If you can join us by giving monthly, that would mean so much to the long-term sustainability of Cat Beach Sanctuary.

You can also help greatly by asking family and friends to spread the word, get involved, and support cats with a donation, large or small. Please use the power of Facebook and the internet to spread the word that cats need our help.

Every penny counts in our mission to save cats and kittens. Please help.

Thanks so much for your support of Cat Beach Sanctuary. For more information, please follow our Facebook Page “Cat Beach Penang” and visit the website at www.catbeachpenang.com.

All best wishes for a wonderful 2018!
Teviot (co-founder) & Cat Beach Cats


By credit or debit card online:  www.paypal.me/TeviotCatBeachPenang

or crowdfunding – www.gofundme.com/catloversintl

By bank transfer or direct deposit:
Malaysia – CIMB Bank Berhad – Savings acct 706 348 1337 in the name of
Mohd Iqbal bin Zainal (Cat Lovers International Society president)

United States – Salisbury Bank USA – Savings acct 4020089140 in the name of
Teviot Fairservis (founder) Routing # 011102612.

For more information, please see

Why do we need Cat Beach – a feline only, No Kill sanctuary? Simply put, because cats are in trouble and need somewhere to go. Cat Beach is literally ‘the last resort’ for homeless cats in Penang. Every day, cats and kittens are being dumped, abused, killed or euthanized. Kind rescuers save them but then where can the cats go?

We believe that people need opportunities to experience the joys of cats.Education about cat care and animal welfare, help in emergencies when a cat is found or will be abandoned or “culled,” volunteering, internships and visits to give a chance to spend time with cats – these are just some of the services that Cat Beach has been asked to provide. With your help, we can grow each of these important programs.

Please join our SAVE THE CATS Campaign. Cats are in Trouble! They need our help!

Where do all these cats come from? Dumped in the trash, left at markets, thrown on the street, abused or abandoned by owners, found hiding in drains and cars from the rain and floods. Sick, injured, weak – they come to Cat Beach and somehow we need to find the resources to give them care.

If we can reach enough people’s good hearts to support them, then the cats can be assured of care until they are adopted or have a forever home at Cat Beach.

CAT BEACH SANCTUARY 04 88 11 015 / 017 575 3419
Email: catbeachsanctuary@gmail.com or catlovers.my@gmail.com
Website – www.catbeachpenang.com
Copyright © 2018 Cat Beach Sanctuary, All rights reserved.

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