Cat Beach Sanctuary – a Tourist Attraction & Educational Centre


Please join us in investing in the future for Cat Beach Sanctuary. We are quickly becoming a Tourist Attraction and Educational Centre – all about Cats (and more)!

We have got a solid working plan now which will both give the best care to rescued cats and provide visitors with a very special experience — we just need your help to move forward!

To our surprise and delight, people from around the world are coming to visit the cats at Cat Beach. It is becoming a recognized Tourist Attraction!

At the same time, more and more school groups, clubs, and corporations are visiting for a wonderful Educational Day at the Beach – with Cats!

Creative projects (like the ‘Calendar Cats’ photo shoot) help to beautify the sanctuary and enhance the lives of the cats — and give us real confidence in the future.

But right now and every single day, our all-volunteer team works very hard to ensure that every cat gets sufficient food, medicine, transport to/from vets as needed, and the basic needs like flea spray and dewormer. And with more cats, the costs are skyrocketing.

We don’t ever want to let the cats go without food or care for even one day. But our resources are stretched to the limit. And still more cats and kittens come because there is nowhere else for them to go.

We have a great team of hardworking people and an ever-growing population which has trebled in the past 2 years to nearly 300 cats!

Cat Beach is at a crucial point — we need to move forward quickly to ensure the long-term sustainability of the sanctuary.

Please join us in investing in the future, your support at this crucial time could make all the difference.

There is no turning back – no turning away from these cats in need for a single day. Many have been through terrible traumas and were rescued from dangerous situations. They depend on humans for their survival.

There are many rewards for saving their lives — the cats are so friendly. lively and seem truly grateful for human care. Many will make wonderful animal companions in loving homes; others will have loving care at the Sanctuary – we hope – for all their lives.

With your help, Cat Beach Sanctuary will become a wonderful relaxing place for all to enjoy. We can share the natural beauty of Penang’s seacoast. And you and many others from around the world can have a very unique and special educational and tourist vacation experience — with the Cat Beach Cats!