Save your stamps! Stamp out rabies!


Please save your stamps! 

A few months ago, Worldwide Veterinary Services did a special thing — they sent Cat Beach Sanctuary a box of 210 spot-on tubes of Advocate for cats. Used for deflea and deworm treatments, Advocate helps eliminate parasites both inside and outside the body. Easy to use, we have been able to treat almost all of the Cat Beach cats!

To help us say “thanks,” can you gather up your old letters and rip off the used stamps?  Send them to Cat Beach Sanctuary or directly to the UK. Let us know if you have stamps, and maybe we can send someone to pick them up.

They collect stamps and are able to turn them into funds to help support their wonderful work helping animal welfare organizations around the world.

Through their director, Dr. Luke Gamble, WVS is also closely associated with Mission Rabies Dr. Gamble’s visit to Malaysia a year ago made a real difference in a very scary time.  He helped educate the many concerned about the (short-term) rabies threat and the culling of thousands of dogs. (Note: there is no rabies in Penang)

We urge anyone concerned about rabies to read the Mission Rabies website — which also offers some great volunteer opportunities! You can also take courses online to become a “Certified Rabies Educator” through the Global Alliance for Rabies Control