SURRENDER – Cats come to Cat Beach for many reasons but they are only accepted as a last resort. We encourage owners and rescuers to make a sincere effort to find a home for the cat before considering sending it to Cat Beach or any other shelter.

It can be stressful for cats to adjust to new surroundings, other cats, a lack of a “special person” as their carer. Far better for the cat to have a loving home. But if nowhere can be found or if it is an emergency, then with your help and that of other donors, volunteers, and supporters, then there is now Cat Beach.

If the cat you wish to give up or have rescued is accepted for intake by the supervisors and will come to Cat Beach, you should know that you have to give up the right to be its owner. As an open sanctuary with an all-volunteer team of cat carers, our ability to confine or track any given cat is very limited. While we do attempt to send photos and communicate with rescuers, please understand that our team cannot be expected to update you and the cat may or may not be present if you come to visit.

Please understand there are no guarantees possible for the cat’s future health or sa

fety at Cat Beach. Your cat could escape from the property, catch a disease from another cat, get injured — or with luck, it may be

adopted.  What can be guaranteed for as long as Cat Beach Sanctuary exists, is that every cat will have access 24 hours a day to food, water, and shelter from weather. Wonderful volunteers give their all to ensure that the cats receive  loving care. We do the best we possibly can…

Please click here for the SURRENDER FORM.