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Christmas is coming! And we are very excited about our upcoming benefit on December 16th – The Cats’ Christmas Charity Ball! But even more excited about the people coming on board now to donate monthly. Please join me and others in giving RM 100 or whatever you can afford to save cats’ lives.

The cats at Cat Beach Sanctuary need your help more than ever before. The need and demand for this special refuge for cats is huge.

The need for Cat Beach is real. It is fast becoming more than just a sanctuary for cats rescued from truly desperate situations – it is also an exceptionally beautiful and unusual place where people can share in the joy of cats – and the beach!

What started as a small project to help save 100 cats has grown exponentially, especially in the last few months – our all-volunteer staff is now trying to give good care to nearly 300 cats and kittens! Why? Because almost every day some kind rescuer brings in another cat or all-too-often an entire litter of kittens. Of course, expenses have nearly tripled as well!

The demand is real and overwhelming. Just now I had a message that a woman who has 30 cats in her apartment has been told by the authorities that she has until next week to get rid of them – or they will come and take them and kill them. Or perhaps even worse, they may be dumped in the jungle. Somehow we have to find a way to help the cats.

Please know that even in the midst of trials & tribulations, we remain very optimistic about the future. Almost every day visitors from around the world find Cat Beach and come to have a unique and memorable experience. And students from area schools and groups from local businesses seek us out for internships, community service and educational projects.

I hope that you will join me in contributing to the cats’ care – knowing that every penny donated is an investment in educating people, giving visitors a special and memorable experience with cats, and truly saving the lives of some very special furry feline friends.

Thank you so much for your kindness to cats! Wishing you and yours (and your cats) an early and Merry Holidays ahead!

Teviot, Founder, Cat Beach Sanctuary and
Cat Lovers International Society

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Thanks for caring about rescued cats!

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