Meet Grumpy! A long-time Cat Beach Cat, Grumpy appears every few days to loudly demand a special plate of Junior food. The distinctive ‘red nose’ had us worried that she was ill with ‘sporo’ but we had her tested and luckily, she’s ok. Unlike most of the cats at Cat Beach, she is not an adoptable cat — too grumpy — but she is a real character that delights and amuses Cat Beach visitors. Grumpy needs Cat Beach – there’s just nowhere else for her to go. Just watch out for her claws – and never try to take her food away!


Donations of much needed funds and In-kind donations of items all can be of real help as we strive to sustain this ‘no kill,’ all-volunteer sanctuary for rescued cats. To see the Cat Beach Sanctuary operating budget, please click here: 2017 Operating Budget

To donate funds:

All income received from donations and sales goes to support the Cat Beach cats.

PayPal Me – TeviotCatBeachPenang  Through the PAYPAL ME program, 100% of donations to Cat Beach Penang are sent via PayPal to director Teviot’s savings account in the USA, then accessed via ATM.

Please contact Teviot at if you wish to transfer to a USA Bank Account.

GoFundMe Cat Lovers

GoFundMe is the largest US based international crowdfunding site.


   Direct Deposits can also be made in Malaysia to:

CIMB Bank Malaysia Account # 7063481337 in the name of Mohd Iqbal bin Zainal (*He is the president of the Cat Lovers International Society, Penang and has kindly opened this account to allow support of the cats while formal applications with government and banks are completed. 100% goes to the support of the cats).

Please notify us by email, messaging, or whatsapp of your donation so we can thank you!

To donate In-Kind Items (like cat food, cleaning supplies, and more):

Order online or at the store from Tesco Penang — Have them send your gift to Cat Beach!

Address:  Cat Beach Sanctuary, 778 Jalan Teluk Awak, MK 2, Teluk Bahang, 11050, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Most needed items

Cat Food

Whiskas Junior (or ProDiet) pouches [24 in a box – we use at least 2 boxes per day]

Adult Cat Food Cans (any brand)      [cats eat 6 to 8 cans per day mixed with rice and kibble]

Kitten Kibble dry food (any brand)     [3 to 5 kg per day]

Adult Kibble dry food  (Tesco brand is ok!)   [10 kg per day]

Cleaning Supplies

Clorox Cleanup


Toilet paper / kitchen roll

Garbage bags  (medium sized, heavy duty)

Sponges, mops, buckets, brooms, etc.

Grooming Supplies

Baby wipes (antibacterial and regular)

Facial cotton pads

Saline Solution